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The Fabulous Photo Booth


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love at first Booth!

How do I reserve a booth for my next event?

a $250 deposit and event info (filled-out contract)

What does a booth rental include for weddings?

unlimited prints, reprints, props, attendant, digitals, guest book

What size is the booth?

  7.5 feet high, by 5 feet wide, by 6.5 feet in length.

Do I need to provide the table for the guests to make the guest book on?

 Yes, we ask that you do.  A table from 4 to 8 feet is best.  We are willing to bring a table for you for a $20 rental fee.

How far will you travel?  

A long ways!  We consider Rochester and the Twin Cities local (no travel fee) and have traveled as far as Canada (for a fee).

Does the rental come with an attendant, and if so, what do they do?

Most every rental comes with an attendant.  They make sure your night goes on without a hitch.  They also make sure that your guests have  the maximum fun, great looking photo strips, and your guest book is completed properly.  This is an essential part of your event!

Can my rental have a break for dinnertime?

 Certainly, $40 per idle hour.

Can you taylor props to my event theme?

We bring great props standard, but to customize them means more work and expense.  There would be a fee.  

We cannot guarantee every guest will desire to put a copy of every

photo strip they take into your guest book.  However, we will do our best to encourage them to do so each time.  Keep in mind, you will get all the digitals after the event, & can include more later.

We also sell our own booths (primarily outside MN), please email for details if interested.

      What other questions do you have??  Just reach out... We’re here for you!  

                                             -The Fabulous Photo Booth